Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OC - 01 Artificial Orchid Flowers

Happy New Year 2013

New Arrival!!! Limited stock of artificial orchids made of silicone.

Starting the New Year with new atmosphere in your home. Our just arriving artificial orchids will make your redecorating work become easier. Just arrange them on vases available in your house then you'll find a different look in your home decor. Look simple but chic, very suitable for any types of decor. Made of silicon, these artificial orchids can be bent in the direction you want as they're very flexible. They came in 2 types which consist of 5 florets in a stalk or 8 florets, available in several colors such as white, green, yellow, pink, red, orange and purple. So, ready to show your creativity at home? Order now. Very limited stock.

Have a nice shopping!!!
Artificial Orchids

Jenis     : bunga anggrek artificial terbuat dari karet silikon
Model   : 5 kuntum bunga dalam 1 tangkai 
Warna   : fuhsia, pink, orange, kuning, putih
Harga    : Silahkan hubungi kami di 022 – 92638581 atau kirim email ke flo.plus@yahoo.com
Type     : artificial orchids made of silicone
Model   : 5 florets in a stalk
Color     : fuhsia, pink, orange, yellow and white
Price     : email us at flo.plus@yahoo.com

Note: Limited stock