Saturday, June 8, 2013

LB 05 Wedding Ring Pillow with Teddy

A Teddy bear couple is a classic design of the wedding ring pillow. Now we tried to make a slight twist on the traditional design using this wooden Teddy bear doll. The teddy bear itself is painted in rustic look that can match almost at any wedding color theme.

LB 05 
Tipe     : bunga artificial, burung styrofoam
Model  : Buket bunga dan Beruang Teddy
Ukuran : ± 34 x 20cm (Tinggi, dalam )
              ± 52 cm (berdiri)
Harga :  Silahkan hubungi kami di 022 – 92638581 atau email ke
Type    : artificial flowers, Styrofoam bird
Model  : Bouquet and Teddy
Size      : ± 34 x 20 (Height when sitting , depth)
              ± 52 cm when standing
Price   : Email us at

Detail view of the wedding ring pillow. The wooden Teddy holds a heart-shaped hydrangea bouquet with the wedding ring holder in the middle. A small imitation crystal tie and flower make it look glamour, right?

Side view of the Teddy

When put on the table, it can be placed like this (the feet hang on the edge of the table) or

Just put the Teddy like this. A lot of variation, right?

Teddy and the ring holder bouquet are detachable, so after the wedding you can use the Teddy as a doll or room decoration.